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As the gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Rexburg is a hidden gem that has much to offer for those looking for exceptional travel options. Not only is Yellowstone National Park home, but you can also drive through Yellowstone Bear World, a wildlife park that exhibits wild animals. You can drive through the park to see the wildlife, or you can get a "Yellowstone Bear of the World" if you drive your own vehicle to the park.

Visit Yellowstone Bear World and see a variety of wildlife including grizzly bears, elk, grizzlies, wolves and more.

I also suggest visiting the Rexburg Museum to preserve historical and local memorabilia and learn the history of the Teton Dam flood zone. In 1981, the home for the "Teton Flood Exhibition" was opened in the basement of the Rexburg Tabernacle.

The museum is located in the basement of the tabernacle of Rexburg and has been an important landmark of Rexburg for decades. It is open seven days a week from 13 May to 31 May, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. M. and from 12 to 18 hours, on weekends from 9 to 12 hours, 12 to 16 hours or 13 to 17 hours.

The inhabitants of Rexburg can enjoy various outdoor sports throughout the year, including hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, mountain biking and cross-country skiing. Local attractions like the Rexburg Museum of Natural History, the Idaho State Capitol and the American Legion are just some of the reasons why people love living in Rexberg. Here you can enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking and snowboarding, as well as a wide range of outdoor leisure activities.

Whether you're hiking, swimming or enjoying a scenic ride, there's plenty of fun to do in Idaho Falls. If you do what I do # ve done reading about this amazing location, read about it as your favorite place to eat. We have presented our 5 best dishes you should not miss in Rexburg, approved by us, and we hope you will find something that inspires you to go outside and discover something new in the area.

After three weeks of finding a vacant space, Ochoas packed up his San Diego home, bought a lease for the store, and made the decision to start a new chapter in his life. Hickory on Main Street was created to provide employment and flexible hours to students at Brigham Young University in Idaho, while offering students looking for affordable food a quality barbecue buffet. During this transitional period, they underwent some changes, such as the abandonment of an intercollegiate sports program. They have also created a three-pronged system that allows students to go to school during the spring semester, which runs from the end of July to mid-April.

Unfortunately, activities are only really possible in spring and summer, and the school is named BYU - Idaho. Sometimes you can go in with one or two suggestions, but when you go to BYU Idaho, unfortunately, there's almost no chance that the sand dunes will ever disappear.

If you want to offer your child a varied and rich experience in Rexburg, don't forget to drop by. If you are planning your trip to the mountains or designing the route that best suits your travel needs, check out this list of activities in Rexburg Idaho. These activities include learning about things that are possible in the Idaho Falls region, such as hiking, biking and camping.

Eagle Park Campground, where you'll probably catch a glimpse of beavers and raccoons. Eagle Park Lodge with its banded travertine ceiling offers great views of the Idaho Falls River and Eagle River Valley.

According to, this authentic historic grain mill has been the site of many local legends and is home to many of Rexburg's most famous ghost stories. This museum, dedicated to the history of the town and its people, is located in the basement of the Tabernacle of Rexburg and has been an important symbol of the city for decades.

Known as the jewel of Porter Park, the Idaho Centennial Carousel is the state's only antique wooden carousel built by the Spillman Engineering Company of New York in 1926 and moved to Rexburg in 1952. Although there are many interesting activities that Porter Park offers, its main feature is its unique and unique carousels and rides. For one reason or another, the majority of the population of BYU Idaho does not seem to know that this park exists.

Casa de Ochoa was opened in March 2015 in Rexburg and immediately became part of the municipality of Rexburg. Students and residents of Rexberg celebrated the Casa de Ochoas as a symbol of their love and support for BYU Idaho and the University of Idaho.

It was not until June 21, 2000, when the LDS Church announced that Ricks College would become a four-year university, that it became official on August 10, 2001, when Brigham Young University of Idaho was founded. Today, Rexburg, Idaho is home to students from all over the world who attend BYU-Idaho and other BYU colleges and universities. Others include LDS Business College, a two-year college in Salt Lake City, UT, and BYU College of Business in Boise, ID. Although Brigham Young University in Idaho is a private university, tuition costs are subsidized, making it one of the largest private universities in the United States, if not the world.

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