Rexburg Idaho History

When Richard Smith was eight, he clung to his grandfather's car in the parking lot of his grandparents "home in Rexburg, Idaho.

Today, Rexburg, Idaho, is home to Brigham Young University of Idaho, which is attended by college students from around the world. The original academy remains part of the church's education system, and others include LDS Business College, a two-year college in Salt Lake City, UT. Utah's Ogden Mission includes parts of the Southeast of the state, while the northern section is affiliated with Washington's Spokane Mission.

YSA of the 9th Stakes, making it the first and only Temple District to include Rexburg, Idaho and parts of Utah and Washington, as well as Idaho and Oregon. YSA in the 7th and 8th operations, but it consists of a number of other districts and districts within the area, which include a first - and only - temple district.

Boise became the capital of Idaho, the stage Boise - Rocky Bar started its operation and later extended to Silver City. The mighty Boise Ring was fought by the political party of the annexation of northern Idaho and transformed the center of southern Idaho. Boise and Lewiston Independent School Districts were created, as was the state's first school district, Boise High School.

The Hailey Times began its daily publication, the Wells Fargo office was established in Challis, Custer County, and the Telegraph reached Silver City. The earthquake was 20 miles east of Mount Idaho and a 7.0 magnitude earthquake warning was issued in Silver City on October 17.

The first Nez-Perce treaty was signed, the Indians surrendered on September 1, Utah's northern railroad was completed, Washington County was founded, and Mormon missionaries founded Fort Lemhi and reclaimed the first irrigation land in Idaho. The settlement of Rexburg began in 1879, when John Poole, a local rancher and member of the US Army Corps of Engineers, reported fertile soil in the area. A railroad line crept north and reached Eagle Rock (later called Idaho Falls) in the spring of 1979.

The availability of farmland in Idaho, along with the railway extension to the Snake River Valley, served as a pressure and trigger valve for the burgeoning younger generation in Utah who wanted to settle on fertile farmland. The Saints experienced the political and legal fallout of the majority of Mormon marriages - Utah, controlled by President Fred Woodruff. Antipathy toward Mormon polygamists and political power became apparent when Utah became a federal state in 1872, after the publication of Woodward's manifesto banning polygamy within the Mormon church. Although the Mormon pioneers believed they had settled a new part of Utah territory, they continued to vote as Utahans for the next twelve years and migrated to other parts of Utah, such as Idaho and Washington County.

During the day, guided tours are offered in the early morning and evening, further information can be found on the website of the Historical Society of Rexburg.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Rexburg Idaho Temple is open to all who wish to attend, although most groundbreaking is limited to invited guests. Groundbreaking ceremony at the Rexburg Utah Temple: While most temples were designed to invite guests, the groundbreaking ceremony at the ExxonMobil Idaho State Capitol Building in Idaho City, Idaho, is open to everyone who wants to attend.

To learn more about the history of the Rexburg Idaho Temple and its construction, please see the links in this section for more information about the construction of this temple.

The original is located in Madison County Courthouse in Rexburg, Idaho, and can be viewed by visiting there, as well as the Idaho State Museum in Idaho City and the Utah State Capitol.

The earliest marriage records in Madison County are microfilmed and available at the Idaho State Archive in Boise, Idaho. A copy of the death certificate from 1911 to 1954 is used and is available at the Boise State Library and Rexburg Public Library. The Idaho Department of Public Records and Records has copies of various records from Madison County, but they are all microarchived.

You can also find them at the Idaho State Archives in Boise, Idaho, and at the Rexburg Public Library and Boise State Library in Idaho City.

The Temple of Rexburg Idaho is the third temple built in Idaho, and like the Temple of Boise Idaho in 1984, it was the first of its kind in the USA after the construction of the Temple of Idaho Falls in Boise, Idaho in 1986. The Rexberg Idaho Temple is one of only two temples in North America with an active membership of over 1,000. Like the Boise Idaho Priesthood Center in 1983, the Rexburg Idaho Temple, along with its sister temple in Idaho City, was the second - up to - western and third - temple - built in Idaho (after Boise) to the west, followed by the temple of Salt Lake City and the temple of Utah Falls.

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More About Rexburg